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Big Boss Production was founded on March 8, 2009, is a large scale video production company located in Johor Bahru. The company gathers talents with diverse expertise with applying the most modern professional shooting equipment and techniques in order to record and produce every precious moment with tremendous creativity and sincerity. We are committed to create exquisite and high quality textured works for you.

Since its establishment for over the past 10 years, the Big Boss Production studio has always been constantly looking to explore and innovate new ideas so as to capture the highlights of life for each client with our enthusiasm and professionalism.

Origin of Company Name

Every college graduate always dreams to be a boss one day in the future. Therefore, the company name begins with the word “boss”.
The two founders believe that the creative, design, and ideological industries must be as heroic as the foreigners, constantly think out of the box in order to breakthrough. The self-confidence of the foreigner is also relatively bigger hence draw up the name “BIG BOSS PRODUCTION”.

As being a creative production company, the founders realized that business should not be so simple. In retrospective thinking, despite we must be bold and creative in doing business however the virtues of chinese culture cannot be overlooked. That is to be humble and grateful. Therefore,
we use the Chinese name as the “小老板制作室”.

Whenever asked why the Chinese-English translation of the company’s name is amiss, the company also made a brand impression to the person who left the inquiry.

The Services We Are Providing As Below:

Commercial Photography: Company brief video, television commercials, short films, movies.

Wedding Photography: The Big Boss Production is renowned for its humorous and heart-warming style. It has won high praise from newly-weds from both local and overseas.

Online Marketing: Food introduction, famous spots, women’s knowledge programme.

Others: Family portrait, personal shooting, couple shooting, pregnancy shooting.

Commercial Advertising Video Production

In the era of digital marketing trends, the company introduction short film, corporate image short films, product promotion videos and creative advertising videos have become an essential marketing weapons. Big Boss Production has started and produced short film in the pioneer stage which makes them become the preference choice among the corporations.

Provided by the big boss production:
1. Brand planning    4. Shooting
2. Ambassadors        5. Pre-production
3. Storyboard

We provide service for help our clients in disseminating promotional videos which had brought great impact in the past projects. The Big Boss Production has also spotted the market and set up a Facebook page《非食不可》《非玩不可》《潮曹派》《还美计划》for network marketing.

8 Reasons Why Should You Choose Big Boss Production?

1. Unique Shooting Style: Our shooting style is novel and outstanding. It begins with an easy and fun prelude, followed by a warm and romantic wedding scene. Lastly, the entire wedding reception will be consolidated within eight to ten minutes’ short video. Our lively style and story-based video production is rarely found in the market.

2. 2+1 Golden Video Recording Group: Two dynamic videographers and one graphic photographer, with top quality photographic equipment in order to capture the moment of happiness in every second for you with our professionalism.

3. A Powerful Team: After ten years of experience, the team has acquired strong shooting skill and post-production experience and can effectively complete all kinds of video works.

4. The Wedding Process Is Fully Mastered: As one of the “Wedding Managers”, our professional photographers are familiar with the process and details of the wedding, in addition to ensuring that every important moment has been recorded as well as the wedding can be performed more smoothly and beautifully.

5. Cultural Heritage And Preservation: To record the traditional Chinese wedding process, promote Chinese culture and inherit the essence of ceremony is the biggest persistence of the Big Boss Production studio since it was founded in 10 years ago.

6. With The Full Version Of The Wedding Video: we will retain all the footages of the wedding day, through a unified, creative editing and transmitting into a complete version of the wedding documentary for the newly-weds to reminiscing that overwhelming memorable day.

7. The Security Of The Completed Product File: Each customer’s file will be double backup and permanently saved. The memory is still vivid and fresh even after a few years.

8. Appreciation For Customer: All the customers of the Big Boss Production can enjoy the benefits of free family photo shooting every March.

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